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Couples Therapy

Intimacy/Affair Recovery/Communication​/Trust/Connection


Relationships can give us joy and comfort, but they can also disappoint and hurt.  How do you react to those moments of negativity?  Often times we feel defensive and either withdraw or say things we might later regret.  Problems are not solved during an argument ... but new hurts tend to arise as a result of escalating conflict. Therefore, what is important is how you interact with your partner and work to de-escalate your pattern of conflict.


We want to feel loved, supported and wanted by our partners. However, when we feel disconnected and are in conflict, we push away the very person we otherwise want so desperately.  What we long for causes us pain and we react in anger to distance ourselves from the feelings of vulnerability, the fear of being hurt or rejected.


Couples therapy is a way to learn about yourself, your triggers and how you react to them/ interact with your partner's triggers and reactions.  We will uncover the scripts and narratives created from early experiences that contribute to relational insecurities.  And, working together, we will focus on increasing the couple's sense of security and enhancing connection.  

Areas of focus include (but are not limited to):

Relationship Enhancement

Intimacy Issues

Reestablishing Trust 

Managing Conflict

Deciding to Work Towards Marriage or Decide to Divorce

Co-Parenting/ Communication Post Divorce  

We have all heard men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but what do we do with this information?  Accepting the "otherness" of our partner is often a challenging first step to understanding and connecting with him or her.

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