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"Dr. Crowley took me in and skillfully guided me onto a path of self discovery.  Over the course of many sessions, she helped me understand who I was and how I became that way.  Her knowledge, her compassion and her gentle consistency kept me coming back.  I shudder to think where I would be today if I had not.

Thank you, Dr. Crowley."


"Dr. Crowley was a tremendous help to me during a couple of crisis times in my life. She is genuine, caring, and compassionate. She was my first therapist, yet I felt at ease and very safe in her presence. She is very insightful and has a gentle way of shining a light on the core issues I needed to face.  I always felt like we were partners working together to develop a more conscious and aware way of being. I would highly recommend Dr. Crowley for help in dealing with any of the inevitable life challenges we all face."


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