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This is a short list of frequently asked questions.  For more information about therapy with Dr. Anne Crowley, or if you would like to make an appointment, please visit our contact page.  


Do you take insurance?


I am considered an out of network provider.  If you would like to use your insurance, I will provide you with the required invoice for you to submit for reimbursement.  

What should I expect the first time I call?


When you call for the first time for information or to schedule an appointment, we might have a 15-20 minute consultation.  Some people ask questions of me to figure out if I am good fit (ie have I worked with the issue with which they are wanting help).  Other times people have asked about my approach to therapy.  There is no right or wrong thing to ask.  I have had people contact and tell me they have never called a therapist before and they are not sure what they are supposed to these cases, I usually ask what brings them to seek therapy.  


From there, when you are ready to schedule an appointment, we determine the best day and time and schedule a 90 minute initial consultation. 


What do I need for our first session?


There are three documents (Client Intake Form, Informed Consent, Notice of Privacy Practices) you will need to complete and bring to our first session.  In terms of payment, I accept cash, check and credit card.


Do you prescribe medication?

I do not prescribe medication.  You will need to consult with an MD (vs PhD) for a prescription.  If you are curious about the potential for medication, I will happily discuss and offer references for a psychiatrist.



When do you work? 


I am in my office Monday-Thursday from 10-5 or 5:30.  As an exception, Friday appointments may be scheduled, (though availability is not consistent Fridays).  

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